Here is a track from my latest album, “Into the Night” set to some of the most stunning videography I’ve ever seen ( I’m so honored to have my music being used for this soundtrack! The title of the track is “Always Everywhere”.

This is a meditation video I put together to go along with my song, “Jehova-Rohi”, also from my album, “Into the Night”. I hope these words and music will bring healing and comfort to you as they do to me.

I have been doing some cello tracking for various artists from my home studio lately. Basically, an artist sends me a song and asks me to write and record the cello parts for that song. I send back my dry cello tracks and let the artist mix them however he/she sees fit. I usually pour over this kind of thing for quite awhile. Partly because I need awhile to get to know the song, but also because I enjoy the process so much that I’m actually a little sad when its over. I appreciate the trust these artists give me and the freedom it gives me to relax and create. This one is a collaboration with Sleeping At Last (Ryan O’Neal) featuring the incredible photography of Joel Schat.

Cello tracking for Woven Whisper Project:

Live performance with Imogen Heap


More tracking for Sleeping At Last – this track made was featured on Grey’s Anatomy!