Welcome to Sharon Gerber Music

Deep in the recesses of every soul is an artist’s heart that longs for beauty and strength. We are all born with an inner curiosity and awe at the world around us, but the mundane realities of life and the prevalence of oppression, violence, and hatred soon chase the reality of who we were made to be into the far reaches of our mind. Reality becomes a distant dream, lost to our so-called “maturity.”

Music has the power to vividly describe our experiences, or better still, it can draw out our hidden sense of childlike awe and wonder, giving a voice to the dreams that capture our imaginations. My goal as a cellist and composer is to create soaring melodies and rich harmonies that re-tell the story of the human soul, releasing music that captivates the mind and lifts the heart out of the mundane, setting it free to soar with beauty, strength, and childlike joy. You can read about and listen to my new album here!